Bodymax B2

Spin Bike

The studio cycle comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars and it is a great value for money. It also has an LCD screen and comes with a heart rate receiver as special offers.


Bodymax B2 is an exercise static bike that is not heavy on the pocket either. It comes with an LCD console that displays speed, time, distance covered, Revolutions per minute and most importantly the calories burnt. You also get a telemetric heart rate receiver with it. The tension adjuster helps to change the resistance levels. The sturdy body of the equipment, 3-piece crank and the 13 kg fly wheel keep it stable even during intense workouts. it has an adjustable handlebar and seat which can be adjusted both vertically as well as horizontally. It also comes with foot pedals with strap ons as well as a bottle holder. It is a standard size indoor bike and can fit into any gym or room easily.It also comes with transport wheels that help in easy movement of the bike.  

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This indoor cycle is affordably priced for the features it is loaded with and is highly competitve when compared to the competitor products. Bodymax is an upcoming brand that is leaving its impression with the promise of highest quality. The bike comes with a sturdy body that keeps it from rattling. It is also comes with an LCD console that provide useful information on calories burnt and distance cycled. This is quite a motivator as it pushes you to workout further as you can see the result instantly. Bodymax B2 also comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that help tweak the workout intensity, and also be useful for people of different heights. The equipment has food paddles as well a bottle holder that makes for a comfortable workout. All in all Bodymax B2 is a quality product at a great price.
Nothing significant but it does make some amount of noise while working out.
Flywheel weight Computer
13 kg Yes
Saddle position adjustment Handlebar adjustment
Horizontally and Vertically adjustable Vertically adjustable
Maximum user weight Resistance adjustment
125 kg Available


Brand Bodymax is slowly becoming synonymous with great quality of products offered at the most affordable prices. Not only this, the company offers everything a fitness enthusiast would ever need for training. It deals in cardio machines, indoor bikes, vibration plates and even boxing equipment. It also has a huge selection of dumbbells, weight benches, hand grips and much more.


From my research I can safely say that Bodymax B2 offers great value for money. I got all the features I want and I didn’t pay as much. I love it!
Jacob, Bradford
The bike was easy to assemble. The LCD console and the heart monitor is a great feature as it keeps my workout fun.
Ruby, London