F4H ES702

Spin Bike

This exercise bike comes with a tubular built and comes with a sleek digital display. Its settings can be adjusted to suit the needs of any user and the noiseless motion is an add-on.


F4H Olympic Intensive ES702 Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike comes with a robust tube-like frame and a solid base. It comes with an attached computer screen. The digital display helps the user to know vital workout information like speed, heart rate, distance, calories and time. The adjustable handlebars have the inbuilt pulses sensors. Other than that, the seat can also be adjusted vertically. The flywheel on the bike weighs around 10 kg. This along with the chain transmission makes for smooth riding. It is also accompanied with non-skid pedals that helps in keeping the motion quite. The resistance on the bike can be adjusted manually using a knob present below the handles. It also comes with a bottle holder. The rubber caps on the base keep them from scratching the floor or other surfaces while moving.  

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F4H Olympic Intensive ES702 Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike is a perfect addition to a home gym or routine exercise at home. It is quite and has a fluid motion. The bike has excellent chain transmission system in place that is backed by a solid tubular frame and a 10kg flywheel. This equipment comes with digital display showing information about the calories, speed, distance and time taken for the workout. Most importantly the inbuilt sensors in the handle bars monitor the heart rate. Other than this, the seat and the handlebar position can be customized according to the user. Not only this, multiple difficulty levels can be achieved by adjusting the manual controls on the bike. Then there are the skid free pedals that are really helpful in high-intensity workouts. It also comes with pedal straps and a bottle holder.
The resistance dial does not have numbers and though it is light there are no travel wheels.
Flywheel weight Computer
10kg Available
Saddle position adjustment Handlebar adjustment
Vertically adjustable Vertically adjustable
Maximum user weight Resistance adjustment
150kg Manual


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It is a good exercise equipment and easy to assemble. I love the quiet motion and the features do completely justify the price.
Jessica, Kirklees
This product is solid. It is stable and quite during high intensity workouts. I like the pedals too, for my high speed exercises as my feet don’t slip away.
Henry, Liverpool