Spin Bike

A robust exercise bike offering multiple resistance settings and adjustments to suit the needs of a beginner as well a seasoned athlete.


JLL IC300 comes with a sturdy construction and an 18kg flywheel. It supports the most intense cardio workouts with different resistance levels while maintaining the structural stability. Further, the bike can be customized for any user since it comes with a variety of adjustments. One, the handlebar comes with 6 levels of vertical adjustments. To add to that, the seat comes with 10 levels of vertical adjustments as well as 6 levels of horizontal adjustments. The 3-piece crank system also adds to the strength of the pedals. JLL IC300 has a chain-driven system that allows it to move both forward and backward, giving the user a real-life riding experience. The bike also comes with a digital display that gives information on the calories, speed, time, distance and pulse. The heart rate monitor is integrated with the handlebars and the bike also comes with an emergency stop system. It can support a maximum user weight of 130 kg.  

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JLL IC300 comes from the long list of equipment offered by the global brand, JLL Fitness, which is known for its high quality and outstanding customer support at the most affordable prices. It has a computer monitor that provides all the vital information about the workout that helps the user to see the results of their efforts in real time. Moreover, it also helps in adjusting the workout to get better results. Additionally, it has a heart rate monitor built in the handle bars which prevents from over-exercising. There is also an emergency stop system to facilitate the same. The chain-drive system lets the user enjoy a real bike-riding experience. Other than this, the body of the product is strong and keeps it from rattling even under high stress. The built-in wheels make it easy to move. Also, it comes with a bottle holder and a bottle, which is a useful addition. JLL IC300 is also compliant with ROHS CE directives, which are European health, safety and environmental guidelines. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.
The resistance levels can be easily adjusted, but they are not clearly marked.
Flywheel weight Computer
18kg Available
Saddle position adjustment Handlebar adjustment
Vertically and Horizontally adjustable Vertically adjustable
Maximum user weight Resistance adjustment
130kg Manual


JLL Fitness is a UK-based supplier of fitness products. Their collection includes commercial running machines, excercise bikes, treadmills and other fitness equipment. JLL Fitness is a globally known brand that prides itself in premium quality of its products, exceptional customer service, and the best prices. The company is known to provide one of the most extended warranties among its competitors.


My workouts on the bike easily touch the 30-45 minute mark at high resistance and this bike is a perfect choice for me. It is quiet and sturdy. Highly recommended.
Noah, Edinburgh
My entire family uses this bike. It is easily adjustable and all of us just love to see our progress on the display. All in all, a great exercise bike with all the features I need.
Mia, London