JTX Cyclo 6

Spin Bike

It is a professional, stable and durable bike that can support the most intense of cardio workouts. With a completely adjustable riding position, it can be used by users of any height.


JTX Cyclo 6 is a gym class bike that can endure the most intense of workouts. The bike has a heavy 22kg flywheel that ensures exceptionally smooth operation and a strong metal body. The sturdy frame and the 3-piece crank ensure high durability. The belt-drive ensures that your workout is a noise-free experience. The handlebar and the saddle position can be changed both vertically and horizontally. Users with different heights can use the bike easily. The bike has leather friction pads that offer numerous levels of resistance. A digital display is also attached that provides information about time, pulse, calories, and speed among other things. It has a bottle holder and pedal straps to provide support during the workout. It comes with travel wheels and also a two-man delivery at the time of delivery. There is also a two year home warranty that includes all parts and labour as well. It also comes with a 28-days money back guarantee.  

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JTX Cyclo 6 is a premium product that comes with a powerful frame and solid metal body. The 22kg wheel is on the heavier end of the spectrum and therefore provides added stability. Complementing this is the belt drive that delivers quiet and seamless workout sessions. The bike is very flexible and provides a multitude of workout intensity levels for all types of users. Not only the handlebars, but the saddle can also be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The product also comes with a two-year home use warranty that includes the labour and the parts. There is a five-year warranty on the body as well. It is installed on delivery and has travel wheels, which make movement of the bike convenient. JTX Cyclo 6 comes from a reputable manufacturer and therefore ensures a prompt customer service.
You have to assemble the bike on delivery, which is a job for two people.
Flywheel weight Computer
22kg Available
Saddle position adjustment Handlebar adjustment
Vertically and Horizontally Adjustable Vertically and Horizontally Adjustable
Maximum user weight Resistance adjustment
160kg Manual


JTX Fitness is a well-known name in the workout equipment category. They are known for their professional grade machines at affordable prices. They make everything from exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, vibration plates, to cross trainers. They have a huge variety of high quality products to fit into any budget. They are known for their impeccable customer service and support.


I needed a bike that was durable even with my heavy workout routine. With JTX Cyclo 6, I found my perfect workout companion at a great price.
Isabella, Wolverhampton
I was impressed by the features and the look of the bike and I purchased it instantly. I have to say I love how quiet it is. The sleek body of the bike makes it look very good in my home gym.
Samuel, London