Olympic 41 ES-701

Spin Bike

Olympic 41 ES-701 has a well-built frame and a design that supports people of all body sizes. The digital display provides vital information to help people exercise better.


Olympic 41 ES-701 is a premium product that comes with a monitor that provides information about the speed, distance, calories burnt, pulse and more. The 13kg flywheel is a midrange stabilizer and keeps the body stable and its motion smooth. The chain transmission adds to the ease of motion and makes for the quiet operation of the bike. The bike comes fitted with stabilizers that are operated by a dial. The pedals also come with safety straps. All these features are designed to support high intensity workouts. The users can switch between multiple resistance levels manually. They can adjust the riding position both vertically as well as horizontally. The handlebars come with built-in sensors as well as elbow-rests and their height is also adjustable. The bike can be easily moved with the help of the wheels attached to the base of the bike.  

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Olympic 41 ES-701 sports all the features that are desired of an exercise bike for a home gym. It has a digital display that flashes all the important information about the workout regimen being followed and its efficacy for the user. It has a mid-weight flywheel that maintains the stability of the machine and provides for ease of operation of the bike. The riding position and the resistance levels can also be adjusted in a variety of ways. This provides flexibility in terms of the intensity of the workouts as well different body sizes of the users. The elbow rests are a nice touch and provide added comfort. The sturdy frame of the bike makes it stable even through high-resistance workouts. Not only that, the Olympic 41 ES-701 boasts of a solid brake system. The bike is easy to assemble and comes with attached travel wheels that make it convenient to shift the bike from one room to another.
The bike only supports up to 100 kg user weight that may become limiting in certain cases.
Flywheel weight Computer
13 kg Available
Saddle position adjustment Handlebar adjustment
Vertically and horizontally adjustable Vertically adjustable
Maximum user weight Resistance adjustment
100 kg Manual


Olympic 41 ES-701 comes from a range of workout equipments offered by Fit4Home. It is a renowned name in the domain of premium fitness equipments. It offers a selection of cross trainers, treadmills, multi-gyms, exercise bikes, weights, benches and accessories. The company aims at providing high-end products to customers at reasonable prices so that they can get fit from the comforts of their home.


I was looking for an affordable bike for my new home gym and this bike is just perfect. It has a digital display which is nice. The adjustable seats and handlebars make it easy for use for my entire family.
Daniel, Leicester
I was very happy to find a bike at an affordable price that came with adjustable controls, digital display and also pulse sensors in the handlebars. The stabilizers make the equipment useful even on uneven surfaces. It is an excellent buy.
Alice, Swansea