Spinning Shoes

get a proper fit for your spinning classes with the right spin shoes

spinning shoesYou should look for shoes at a retailer that has expertise in spinning shoes or biking shoes where the people that work there know how to properly fit cycling shoes. You will accumulate hours and hours in your spinning shoes and it is necessary to get a proper fit. As always, when you go shoe shopping, you should try on quite a few pairs of spin bike shoes so you can determine what works best for you. Some run narrow, some run wide, etc. Wear the same type of socks that you would wear when spinning when you are out trying on spinning shoes. Similar to how a runner wears particular socks when he/she runs, a spinner should wear socks that they would normally wear when spinning when they try on spinning shoes. If you’re not sure what type of sock you’ll eventually wear, I would suggest a moisture wicking sock as you will sweat quite a bit while spinning. Many indoor cycling shoes have Velcro fasteners rather than shoe laces. I would recommend Velcro. Shoe strings can get caught in spokes and in pedals and can be an injury risk. Do yourself a favor and choose Velcro fasteners.

Because spin shoes are stiff in the front part of the shoe near the pads of your feet, they probably won’t be as comfortable for walking as a regular pair of shoes. They feel fine while stationary, but as you begin to walk, they’ll have a strange stiff feeling in the sole. This is to be expected. Shoes for spinning are meant for spinning and cycling rather than walking or running. You will also find that spinning shoes come with either a smooth bottom or more of a standard rubber sole on the bottom. If you get the rubber sole bottom, you can do your normal routine on the weight machines while you’re at the gym without any problems. Smooth bottom shoes should be used only for spinning. Functionally, there is very little need for smooth bottom shoes rather than rubber sole spinning shoes with the cleats slightly recessed. My recommendation is to avoid the smooth bottom shoe and go for the rubber sole. You’ll be happy you did.

A pair of spin bike shoes that will serve you well for quite some time is really quite easy to find. If you go in with some knowledge as I’ve described, your experience should be simple and you’ll enjoy your spinning shoes for thousands of miles.

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