What is a Spinning Bike?

Spinning ClassSpinning bikes are specifically built to enable you meet your weight-loss goals. They provide a full-body workout while drawing most primary muscle groups into the activities. Spinning bikes offer quite a rigorous workout in the thighs, hips, calves, shoulders and waist. Furthermore, they possess the added benefit of enabling users to stand up while they exercise- a thing that has been established to increase weight-loss.

Spin bikes are small and narrow as such, they won’t consume plenty of space. You can place these bikes in a corner of your house and get into business. Many newer cycling bikes are computerized and feature diverse training programs to help you mix up your cardio work out.

Spinning bikes are excellent low-impact exercise machines and also come in several different models with diverse features. Spin bikes can be used all through the year or as exercise replacements for those periods where it is just too unsafe to go outdoors. Spinning bikes can provide you with that work out you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Below are directions on how to use a spin bike

  • Stand beside your bike seat to examine its height. The top of the seat ought to be right at your hip bone. Unbolt the knob on the bar below the seat and slide the seat up or down to manipulate it to your hip height. Tighten up the knob again to secure it.
  • Adjust the space between the handlebars and the seat to suit the length of your forearm. Position your elbow at the front of the seat. Your fingertips must barely touch the front of the bike. Unbolt the knob at the rear of the seat to slide it backward or forward and tighten up to secure it.
  • Mount the spinning bike and position your feet on the pedals in the stir-ups. Reach down and pull on the thin belt to tighten the stir-up around the two feet.
  • Set the handle bars at a height that is convenient for you. You should be to bend at the lower back reach forward and also hips to reach them however, they really should not be so far away that you are forcing or feeling pressure in your lower back. Loosen the knob below the bars to modify up or down and tighten to secure it.
  • Rotate the knob before you, below the handlebars to the left to clear off all the resistance from the wheel.
  • Start to pedal and focus on how your legs and knees feel. As you bring your knee up, it must be at about a 90 degree angle and when the leg is completely extended, there should be a slight bend in the knee. Should you feel tension in the knees, adjust your seat down, up, back or forward to realize a more comfy position.
  • Keep your feet level while you pedal, keep your back level and not hunched while you reach forward to the handlebars. To increase its resistance, you will have to rotate the control knob to the right


Model Description Price  
Olympic 41 ES-701 has a well-built frame and a design that supports people of all body sizes. The digital display provides vital information to help people exercise better.
The studio cycle comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars and it is a great value for money. It also has an LCD screen and comes with a heart rate receiver as special offers.
We R Sports RevXtreme S1000 is a solid piece of equipment that provides for real-life cycling experience with its adjustable settings and seamless operation.
It is a professional, stable and durable bike that can support the most intense of cardio workouts. With a completely adjustable riding position, it can be used by users of any height.
This exercise bike comes with a tubular built and comes with a sleek digital display. Its settings can be adjusted to suit the needs of any user and the noiseless motion is an add-on.
It is a studio bike designed to engage you in an intense cardio-vascular work out. It can be adjusted to the height of the user and the intensity of the workout.
Workout without compromise with the firm frame and quiet movement of this professional exercise bike. The LCD console, adjustable seat and handles, make it a perfect workout companion at an affordable price.
A robust exercise bike offering multiple resistance settings and adjustments to suit the needs of a beginner as well a seasoned athlete.
York SB300 comes with a strong and sturdy body and wholly adjustable workout settings. It combines commercial grade quality with highly affordable prices.
The bike has a robust design and a sturdy build. It comes with multiple adjustments that make it possible to accommodate users of any size or height.